Post-Op Week 10 Progress Report and Musings on a Gain

This week’s progress photo:


I got new specs!  Cat-eyes.  I love the retro styling.  I also had a small gain this week.  I knew it would happen, just like I wrote about yesterday.  I’m not stressed about it though.  Here’s why.

I took my measurements this morning too, because it was time, and after I recorded them in the spreadsheet I keep, it reaffirmed for me that despite what the scale says, I am doing something right.  I know that next week will be different, and will be better.  I can see in the picture above that my body has definitely changed, and that it is only going to get smaller and smaller as time passes.  The fact that I was wearing a tight 30W in pants pre-op and that now I’m in a loose 26W on my way down to the next size should be testament to that.

These days when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see the infrastructure of me starting to show:  veins visible through skin once too thick to make their presence evident; bones now visible that are being unearthed a few pounds at a time, and contours that were once buried under layers of fat being revealed.

I also see the diameter of various regions of me shrinking as time passes.  Even if I don’t see it, I feel it because my pants are more loose, my shirts are starting to hang oddly on me, and I can pull my belts a few more notches than I could before.

Three months, 73 pounds and 40 inches gone…it’s a good day to be me.  I am thankful every day for the wisdom to make the choice to have this surgery, and especially grateful for the skill of my surgeon whose talents enabled me to have this powerful tool for transforming my health.


5 responses to “Post-Op Week 10 Progress Report and Musings on a Gain

  1. Awesome! Keep up the great work. I know it is all hard work, but you look so fab, and I am sure you are feeling better and better. I love going on this journey “with” you!

  2. 73 lbs in 3 months is AMAZING!!!! Sometimes I feel like I am losing SO slowly…. but when I look back, I just lost 25 lbs in a month! Thats pretty good. Im glad you arent stressed about your small gain. Its no biggie! It will go right back down SOON.

    • It’s crazy the amount we lose in such a short amount of time, right? My first month post-op, I lost 23. Before surgery, I lost 37…and 10 of that was before the pre-op diet! I’m not stressed at all about this little gain, because the way I’ve lost weight in the past, I tend to lose, lose, lose, and then gain a tiny bit, and then lose, lose, lose. So I’m not worried about this little speed bump…that’s all it is, a tiny speed bump in a much longer road ahead. 🙂 Also, you’re doing AWESOME!

  3. Congratulations! That is a whole lot of weight you’ve lost. I think the way clothes fit is the best indicator of what’s going on.

    Meanwhile, I gained 10lbs in two days, according to the scale. I am a little annoyed but not freaking out too much because it’s just absurd that it would be 10lbs of fat.

    • It blows my mind sometimes when I think about how much I have lost so far. But then I see how much I’ve yet to go and it grounds me a bit. But it is trippy to think I’m a third of the way to my personal goal!

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