Friday Five and Daily Bites

Today’s Bites:


Today’s food choices, from upper left: one-egg omelet with bacon and cheddar cheese; Trader Joe’s crab-stuffed flounder and broccoli; Sargento reduced fat cheddar cheese stick; green chile chicken casserole; Trader Joe’s turkey jerky; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2. Not pictured: a serving of Rudy’s pinto beans with smoked turkey and ham (about 2.5 ounces).

This Friday Five is another NSV edition because I seem to be having a lot of them lately.

1.  Every day when I get dressed for school, I see in the mirror that my shape is changing drastically.  This is encouraging.  My upper arms are smaller around, my belly is starting to flatten out a little more, and my booty is considerably less plump than it was before.  I can see that there is less fat in my neck area as well.

2.  I am standing and walking around my classroom so much more than I ever have.  This is a great thing for a few reasons:  it means I’m not tethered to my desk or lab stool.  It also means that I am out and among the kids, stopping behavior issues before they start–this is great since all my classes have 25+ kids in them this year.  Finally, it means that my daily step count is going up, up, up!

3.  I have hit 7000+ steps nearly every day this week so far.  Monday was the exception because we were off and I didn’t purposely exercise here at home.  Had I been at school Monday, it would have happened.  I am going to find a way to make it happen tomorrow for sure.

4.  My wedding jewelry is getting very loose.  It’s not loose enough yet that I need it to be resized, but I think potentially by my anniversary in November it may need to be.  My college class ring is also very loose and will need to be resized as well.

5.  I am nearly down another clothing size.  I went shopping tonight for a few things to add to my Fall wardrobe, and I bought them a size smaller than I currently am.  I know that by the time it is cool enough here to wear what I bought, I will be able to wear the things I got and have them look right.  Fall here doesn’t happen until around late October-early November at best–hell, it still got up to 102 today!  I can’t wait until I get down another pants size, though.  I have determined that I am built a bit like a genie bottle:

My bottom half is definitely a different size than my top half.  I wear a smaller shirt size than I do pants size which is frustrating because I can shop for tops in most places, but pants I still have to buy from places like Lane Bryant.  I refuse to buy pants until I’m down another couple of sizes on bottom so that I can start shopping for them where I’ve been shopping for all my other clothes–Talbots.  I tend to stray from dressing trendy–always have.  My taste in clothes is much more classic and conservative than what most plus-size retailers sell to women of my size.  I don’t anticipate that will change as I’m able to wear smaller sizes.  I’ll dedicate another post to style and how I came to settle on what I like later on.

I’m closing in on two months post-op, and life is pretty sweet at the moment.  There is a guy in my Rotary Club who is also a post-op sleever who told me, “These first six months are a wild ride.”  He was absolutely right–so far, these two have certainly been that, and a bit surreal.  I am anxious to see what the coming months will bring.

4 responses to “Friday Five and Daily Bites

  1. I hear you about the genie bottle! I have always been heavier down below, and I find that as I lose weight, my stomach is, well, deflating. It used to push out more, but now it is just providing more bulk below my waist.

    • My stomach is finally starting to flatten out a bit! I didn’t think it ever would. But I know I’m always going to have hips and a booty. That’s okay with me so long as they’re not freakishly large, haha!

  2. I was always just kind of big and the same size all over. BUT, now I’m experiencing the same thing as you – smaller tops and bigger bottoms! Has to be all that lovely stomach fat/skin! Ugh! It’s encouraging to be able to find tops in most places though… we are on our way!!

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