Daily Archives: September 2, 2013

Daily Bites and The Great Carb Debate


Today’s food choices, from upper left: I ate most of the rest of the omelet I ate yesterday for brunch, plus 3 pieces of potato; a sample of green chile chicken Frito pie at the grocery store (YUM); Trader Joe’s dark chocolate nibs (I ate 6 pieces; this is a great way to get a chocolate fix for 8 calories!); multivitamin and calcium supplements x2; glass of Isopure Zero Carb; deli sliced house-roasted roast beef and Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese cubes; green chile chicken casserole.

This weekend was a pretty busy one in my household.  Lots of planning, cleaning, shopping and cooking for the week got done.  While I was menu planning for myself this week–hubby is on soft foods, so ground beef, egg whites with cheese, applesauce and protein shakes are the order of the day for him for the next few weeks–I started to think about the nutrient balance I’m getting daily.

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