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Post-Op Week 7 Progress Report and other goodies

wpid-IMG_20130825_121508.jpgI finally had to change the shirt I wear in my progress pictures.  It simply got to be too large, and it didn’t hang correctly on me and looked sloppy.  So I decided to use this one instead, which fits much, much better.  The funny thing is though, now these shorts are getting a little loose in the waist!

I think what helped this week’s loss was returning to work.  I walked a lot more than I had been, butt-numbing meetings notwithstanding.  Thus, I burned more calories than I had been before just being here at home being lightly active.  I also increased my number of calories to try and get my calorie intake closer to 800 calories.  I am finding this difficult because of the balance between eating and drinking that I’m trying to strike.  I will eventually figure it out so that I can get in the calories my doctor wants me to (800-1000) on a daily basis.  I am finding though that even when I am home, this is tough because I sometimes forget to eat.  I’m just not hungry.  And sometimes I get so busy that I lose track of time and forget to use the clock as my cue to eat too, so by the time I look at the clock, it’s later than I anticipated.

I’ll have to work on it this week because now there will be students to contend with and no real time for breaks.  If I expect to see good things next Sunday, I have to find a way to make this work for me.

I have had a few incredible realizations this weekend.  It seems that every week now when I step on the scale, I do not believe what I see.

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Getting Ready for School

My classroom is ready.  I have been working like a fiend for the past two days to make it so–this is why I haven’t posted here for two days!  I still need to make a few copies for Monday, but I’m going to arrive early so I can run off the few that I have to make.

My outfit and accessories have been chosen.  I just need to put them all in the same place so I can dress quickly after I eat breakfast.  Also?  My outfit is totally FIERCE.  The best part of this fierce outfit?  It’s a size I haven’t worn since I graduated high school.

Mind. Blown.  For real.

This week more than ever, planning for my eating and activity is going to be critical since school is about to be in full swing.

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