Daily Archives: August 20, 2013

Daily Bites: Monday and Tuesday

Second day back at school, and more sitting than I really wanted to do–it can’t be helped when all you do is have meetings All. Day. LONG.

Not much to write about today other than the back and hip pain I’m currently experiencing, but once I go to my six week check up tomorrow, I’ll write more about that.  For now…daily bites.

Today’s food choices:


Food choices, from upper left: multivitamin x2; Pei Wei lettuce wrap filling (I ate my portion out of a ramekin and boxed the rest); stewed chicken breast in marinara with a sprinkle of mozzarella; Boars Head Maple Glazed turkey breast; Isopure Zero Carb; mini ham, egg and cheese frittatas x2. I forgot to include a photo of the half container of unsweetened organic applesauce I ate. I was craving fiber and I thought it would be a good snack. It was!

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