Back to the Grind

Today was my first day back at school after a summer which was anything but ordinary.  I won’t lie, I am completely wiped out.  I had not anticipated this level of fatigue before today–I thought because I was feeling really good, and getting in all my protein and water that I would be fully energetic all day long.

WRONG.  So.  Very.  Wrong!

By the time I got home this evening, I could barely drag myself out of the car–and I still had things to bring in from there!  I had to run a few errands after work because I knew if I didn’t do them today, they wouldn’t get done at all.

We had meeting after meeting today, and because my first meeting ran 30 minutes long, it threw my eating schedule completely off.  Lesson learned:  take my snacks with me!  Lunch ended up being around 2:00, which was in the middle of another meeting I had to sit through, and this was AFTER sitting for nearly an hour and a half of our district’s Convocation!  I did entirely too much sitting today, which was not in the plan at all.  😦

I didn’t get in my 10,000 steps as I’d hoped to be able to.  My lunch break today was spent moving furniture, so I guess that counts as physical activity, yes?  I also spent time visiting with friends I hadn’t seen since before school was out.  They all knew I’d had surgery and wanted to know how I was doing.  So I sat and visited with them.

Then I went down to Convocation, where I was complimented by one of my principals who said to me, “I didn’t recognize you!  I’m going to have to start calling you Slim!  You look good!”  I thanked him and told him I’d had surgery, and that things had gone very well.  He encouraged me and told me to keep up the good work.

I am fortunate in that I work in a school where the faculty and administrators support one another in all sorts of ways.  I know that not everyone who embarks on a weight loss surgery journey is as lucky.  But I feel especially blessed to work around people who are supportive and encouraging of the choice I’ve made to improve my health.  I am also fortunate that my admins understand that with the changes taking place with my health that I will need to jet early some days to make doctors’ appointments and such–I already had to ask if I could leave early Wednesday for my 6-week follow up appointment and was told that it was totally okay.

Anyway…after a day of interminably long meetings, I headed out to run errands.  I don’t know if it was the 100 degree heat or the fact that I’d been moving around a lot faster today than I had in a while or if it was the combination of the two, but whatever it was, when I got home, I felt like crawling into bed right then and there.  But I didn’t.

I ate dinner, rested, did some work on school stuff and remembered that I had to knock out a blog post before I went to bed.  Writing here is therapeutic for me, and it is something I promised myself I’d do on the daily.  So I apologize if this is disorganized and disjointed.

To sum up:  I need to carry my snacks with me.  This means I need a cold pack in my lunch box.  I also need to move my butt more during the day, even if it means standing up in a meeting…this sitting all day is bullshit and isn’t helping me work toward my fitness goals.  Hopefully this will be easier once school actually starts and there are students to monitor and papers to hand out and all that.

And now…I sleep.  I’ll post Daily Bites tomorrow…I didn’t even have time to make the collage today. 😦

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