The Second Half of 40

Two months ago today, I started the march toward better health with day one of what proved to be the toughest part of this path–the pre-op diet.

I won’t lie; there were times during that three-week process that I did not think I’d make it.  There were so many times I wanted to just throw my hands up and bury my face in a basket of chips and salsa (my poison of choice) and say “fuck this, I can’t do it.”  I am pretty sure that was The Fat Girl stomping her foot because she was not getting her way.

But a smaller, more persistent voice inside me spoke loudly and persuaded Fat Girl that it would be worth it in the end.  I think this was Thinner Girl asserting her needs and desires.  I’m glad her voice was louder and assertive, because every moment of this journey since then has been well worth the work, pain, and tears I’ve shed so far.

Today, I am enjoying not having to take my diabetes medication.  I am thrilled that the dose of my BP medicine has been cut by half.  I am down two clothes sizes and nearly 30 inches all over.  As I approach my 6 weeks’ check-up this week, I am eager to see what the next two months brings me since I’ll be able to get to the gym and start accelerating this process along some.

The first half of my 40th year has been a formative learning experience. Here’s to hoping the second half is transformative.

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