On the Road, Feeling Fabulous and Road Food

Today’s food choices:


One-egg omelet with Jack cheese and a tablespoon of black beans; a pork in green chile sauce with refried beans and cheddar cheese (I just ate it off of the tortilla); an Isopure Zero Carb in a Starbucks cup; Genghis grill lettuce wrap filling; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2.

I’m on the road this weekend so eating away from home has been a bit challenging. I did pack a cooler with snacks and protein drinks for the ride down, and have made sure that I scope out the menus of potential places we dine to see if there are sleeve friendly options available. I am also without my food scale so eyeballing portions has also been a challenge. I did learn today though, that the meat filling of a taco is the perfect amount of food.

I also contend that a great haircut will boost your fabulosity tremendously.

Because I’m writing from my phone, this is going to be brief so I’ll sign off for now.

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