Daily Archives: July 28, 2013

Post Op Week 3 Progress Report

Tomorrow marks three weeks since surgery, and things are rolling along quite nicely.  I am able to drink more liquid than in previous weeks, so on any given day it is not unusual for me to get in 13-14 8 ounce servings of water, so I’m getting nearly a gallon of water/fluid a day.   I am still getting my personal minimum of 60 grams of protein a day, but I think the reason I am only getting in only 60 grams is that I am tired of drinking protein drinks.  I am drinking them now because I have to, not because I want to.  I know this is only temporary, but when your main source of protein for 6 weeks has been protein drinks that are sweet, and sweet is not something your palate particularly loves, it’s fatiguing and just gross because all you taste in your mouth is cloyingly sweet film left behind by the proteins and artificial sweeteners.  Yuck.

This week I get to try soft foods.  I never once thought in my life I would be so excited to get to eat scrambled eggs and refried beans, but I am pretty freakin’ pumped about this possibility.  The funny thing is, that when I was a child spending summers at my grandparents’ homes in New Mexico, scrambled eggs and refried beans was the staple breakfast!  Were any of them alive today, I think they would be both amused that I can now eat these things on my eating plan, that I would be craving them something awful, and they’d be proud of what I have done to improve my health.

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