Daily Archives: July 26, 2013

Friday Five: NSV edition

I had a post crafted in my head earlier, but my brain was more busy thinking about the protein contents of various frozen meats available at Trader Joe’s this afternoon, so I’ll have to think about what it was I originally planned to write about.  This short Friday Five list will have to do for now.

Today’s Five is about non-scale victories I’ve had this week.  These are the things I have to remember for the days when the scale refuses to budge.  So here they are, in no particular order.

1.  My watch fits my wrist much better.  It actually slides around a bit and I can stick my index finger between my wrist and the band with room to spare.

2.  I’ve lost a pants size and am pretty close to losing another.  My shorts are already too loose and I find myself needing a belt.

3.  The seatbelt in my husband’s car fits me differently now.  Unfortunately, this also means that it chokes me because it rides up a little more.  Seems like some adjusting is in order.

4.  People are starting to notice the weight loss and complimenting me on how much smaller I look.

5.  I looked in the mirror today and am finally starting to see what shape I will probably be.  It was nice to see that I have a decent shot at being an hourglass shape.

I had a few other NSV’s but I’ll save those for a picture post later on.    What are you celebrating today?

Happy weekend, everyone!