A Date!

So on July 8, I have a date with this man:


He’s promised to take good care of me and assured me that he is indeed good at his job. He is one of the best in the country, after all.

He’s informed me that our date will be a relatively short one, which I’m okay with. It’s not like I’ll be awake the whole time anyway.

He’s also told me that I’ll be a little sore since he’ll be making 5 incisions in my abdomen, removing a goodly portion of my stomach and possibly doing a liver biopsy. But that one is only if necessary.

He’s also informed me I’ll have a short nap, a dinner of clear broth served afterward and that I’ll be clothed in the finest gown Dallas Presbyterian has to offer.

Most importantly, he’s informed me that afterward, my life will change in some pretty miraculous ways.

I’ve never been more excited, nervous and scared to have a date as I am this one.

Like I told him yesterday at our pre-op meeting, “Let’s do this!”

2 responses to “A Date!

  1. Hi! A friend referred me to your blog. I am thinking of having surgery with Dr. Nicholson soon. Did you have a good experience with him? How long did you stay in the hospital after your surgery? I would appreciate any advice you would like to give. : ) Feeling very nervous.

    • I had an excellent experience with him. I was only in the hospital for about 36 hours total. Make sure you do your homework–the surgery is but a tool, and if you don’t commit to making broad sweeping changes to how you eat, how you look at food, and how you move, surgery won’t help. Find a great therapist and work with them to help you get at the root of why you behave like you do. This is critically important. You’re always welcome to ask questions so don’t hesitate!

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