My insurance company has approved me for sleeve gastrectomy surgery!   My surgeon’s office submitted paperwork on the 19th, and I was approved for surgery YESTERDAY–just one week after they got my paperwork.  According to the customer service representative at my insurance company, this is nearly unheard of.  I joked with him that they probably approved me so quickly because in my current state, I am costing them a ton of cash and this surgery will be cheaper for THEM in the long run!  We both laughed and he congratulated me.  I thanked him for giving me the best news I’d gotten in a while.

I can’t even begin to describe how happy, excited, nervous and giddy this makes me.   This is like having my birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, summer vacation, Spring Break and Thanksgiving all rolled into one.

I left work today with a little more spring in my step, and as I walked out to my car, I noticed a group doing boot camp style exercise in our parking lot.  I said aloud to myself, “Next year, that will be me.”  And it will be.  I know it.

My date on the operating table is coming.  June is not that far away.  Things are going to start moving along very quickly now that I’m go for surgery.

Now to wait to schedule my date with the surgeon’s knife and expertise.  SOON.

2 responses to “Approved!

  1. I really enjoyed your blog.You have put into words many of the thoughts and feelings that I have experienced and shared with only a few, so it’s almost as if my own thoughts, experiences and recollections have now been recorded on a blog. I am also an OH member ,and had surgery last Valentines Day(2/14/12). This is truly the best gift you can give yourself. I have subscribed to your blog so please keep me/us updated on your progress and experiences, and best of luck on your upcoming surgery! Wishing you as speedy and pain/complication free recovery as I experienced, and as they say on OH “welcome to the losers bench!”

  2. Thank you, Michele. I will definitely keep posting, as I’m using this to document my path to a healthier me. It’s like I told my surgeon, “I just turned 40, and I’m a little selfish because I want at least 40 more years of life!” Hoping to join you on the loser’s bench come June!

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