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Building a Community of Support

A while back I read this article:  Want to lose weight?  Shut your mouth

I disagree with this doctor’s advice.  While everyone’s path to health is unique, I don’t agree with keeping mum about lifestyle changes, especially ones as drastic as the one I am about to undergo.  The woman’s doctor, Jon Walz “blames the need for secrecy on the culture of obesity” according to the article, and it is this that I have an issue with.

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My insurance company has approved me for sleeve gastrectomy surgery!   My surgeon’s office submitted paperwork on the 19th, and I was approved for surgery YESTERDAY–just one week after they got my paperwork.  According to the customer service representative at my insurance company, this is nearly unheard of.  I joked with him that they probably approved me so quickly because in my current state, I am costing them a ton of cash and this surgery will be cheaper for THEM in the long run!  We both laughed and he congratulated me.  I thanked him for giving me the best news I’d gotten in a while.

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The Decision: Why I chose the sleeve

Unlike LeBron James, I’m not taking up an hour of primetime television to discuss why I made the choice I did with regard to which surgery I am going to have.  I am, however, going to take up a little bit of the blogosphere to explain why I chose the procedure I am going to have because several people have asked.

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all great changes are preceded by chaos, or how I decided to quit fighting and go under the knife.

The last post I made to this blog was in June of 2012.  This was the last time that I really invested time into taking care of myself.

Since then, I’ve backslid in the biggest of ways–not really paying attention to what I ate, how much I ate, or how much I moved.  As a result I’ve gained back over half the weight I lost when I set out upon the latest of weight loss journeys that my adult life has been consumed with.

In January, I had a 6-month checkup with my primary care physician.  Because I am diabetic, I must go in every 6 months and have my a1c, cholesterol, triglycerides and other things checked.  I knew before I went in to do the lab work that the results would be dismal; I was just waiting for her to say them to my face.

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