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Reasons to Keep Losing

I’m writing this post because I’m feeling really discouraged about this process.  I had a rather large gain this week in part because Mother Nature decided she’d make her appearance, bringing her BFFs Bloat and Puffy to the party.  Those two always overstay their welcome, especially on weigh-in days.

The other reason for the gain is simple:  I’ve backslid.  I’ve become complacent with my success, and am allowing myself to indulge way, way too often.  I need to get strict with myself again, and get back to the regimen I started with back in August 2010.  If only I knew what it was…I don’t have a written record of what I did foodwise.  Tomorrow, I will begin writing every BLT (bite, lick, taste) into a paper journal so that I can keep a record of what I take in, from the foods I eat, to the meds and supplements I take, to the movement I do during the day.  I know what I’m doing:  I’m stress eating, and I’m not handling the stress in my life appropriately.  I do know one thing:  I am going to use the Groupon I have for group boxing classes this week, because getting to hit something will feel good and will let me take out my frustrations in a healthy way.  At least if I hit a heavy bag, I’ll feel good and won’t hate myself afterward.  Not like I would if I chowed down on a bag of chips or ate a bar of chocolate.

In the meantime, I’ll start a list so that I can put positive thoughts in my head as I work myself through the frustration I’ve got.

  1. Smaller clothes.
  2. Cuter clothes.
  3. Being able to fit in chairs with arms.
  4. Less joint pain.
  5. Compliments about how I look.
  6. Being taken off 1 diabetes medication.
  7. Having the dosage of the remaining diabetes medication reduced.
  8. Lower resting heart rate.
  9. Reducing the pressure on my knees when I walk.
  10. Feeling more confident about how I look.
  11. More stamina.
  12. Being able to lift tons of weight at the gym.
  13. Increased strength.
  14. Increased flexibility.
  15. Better sleep.
  16. Being able to stand up and teach most of the day.
  17. Being able to walk around my favorite cities to visit without being exhausted mid-day.
  18. Making better choices about food to eat.
  19. Trying new veggies and fruits.
  20. Seeing veins under my skin that I couldn’t see before.
  21. Feeling bones under my skin that I couldn’t feel before.
  22. Being able to ride the recumbent bike for 40 minutes straight.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment but I’m sure I’ll think of other reasons to stay in this fight.

Back to square one

Well, I lost the 3.8 pounds I gained last week, putting me squarely where I’ve been stuck since October. I am not looking forward to my 6-month checkup next month, since I don’t think I will have made any progress since my last visit in December.

I’ve picked up reading some other weight loss bloggers’ stories on their blogs, and one in particular has been helpful, with regard to lunchtime planning. Andie Mitchell, of Can You Stay For Dinner? has a great post about eating a salad every day at lunchtime. I decided to adopt that habit, and so I’ve eaten a salad every day at lunch (at least during the week) along with some protein and a small dessert (usually fruit).

I’ve also been downing water and tea like crazy. I’ve been taking a 32 ounce cup to work, filling it up with ice and water and chugging away every class period. By workday’s end, I usually finish 4, if not 5 cups of just water. A few weeks ago I gave up Coke Zero for Lent, and honestly, it’s been tough getting back into the habit. I find that now I will have one or two a weekend, rather than one or two daily. Perhaps this is a good thing–my kidneys need the water more, anyway.

What I do need is to get my workout mojo back. Right now, I am finding it increasingly more difficult to find motivation to get to the gym. I know there’s no good excuse, but I am finding it hard to get motivated to do much of anything anymore. As I’ve said before, my work is making me really unhappy, and that is spilling over into the rest of my life. Thankfully, the school year is coming to a close soon, and I can at least take a temporary break from it. I have a list of things I’m wanting to try, fitness-wise, and I think summer will give me the time I need to rest, recharge and rediscover why I began this journey in the first place.