This week’s progress report: -2.4 pounds
Total loss: -92.2 pounds

At left, me in August 2010 when I began this road to health. At right, me today, -92 pounds lighter.

Not going to make my Valentine’s goal of -100. I’m okay with that. If I can hit -95 by Valentine’s, which I think I can, I’ll be happy. I want to hit and exceed -100 by my birthday in March, though. If I can get there before my birthday, even better.

Increasing my cardio workouts helped, I think. So that’s what I’m going to keep on doing. This week: 20 minute walks on the treadmill every time I go to the gym, coupled with my recumbent bike riding and strength training. Guess I need to get up a tiny bit earlier to fit it all in.


2 responses to “Progress

  1. Love the new blog! It’s bookmarked, and it’s definitely going in my circulation of blogs checked regularly. I look forward to your Sunday updates so much – you’re doing SO great, and I am super proud of you! We’ll all keep rooting for you, and you just keep on keeping on. 🙂

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