Post-Op Week 40 Progress Report: New Goals and A Tiny Pony


This week’s progress was unexpectedly great.  I dropped a huge amount of weight, which I was not expecting to do given that I was retaining water all week long.  I skipped the gym this week, which happened because I wasn’t feelin’ it, and had a lot going on at work.  Instead, I did a lot of sitting on the balance ball while watching tv/working at my desk here at home.  Basically, if I was going to sit for more than 30 minutes, I made myself sit on the ball and try to stay on in an upright position.  It must have worked!  I am now only 13 pounds from my surgeon’s goal, which I am positive I can hit before school is out in June.  I am amazed that I am within striking distance of Dr. Nicholson’s expectation.  By the time my one-year follow-up appointment in July happens, I fully expect to have exceeded his expectation for my weight loss.

It should also be noted that in this picture, I am wearing smaller shorts and a smaller shirt.

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-200 and DX: Gallstones

First, this is me in the first goal dress I ever bought myself, when I was trying to get my weight down from nearly 440 pounds.

200 pounds later, I can wear this without any problems.  I’ll actually have to have the bodice taken in a little bit pretty soon.


-200 pounds later.

Today I had a 9-month follow-up appointment.

It’s a good thing, too.

As I was talking with the PA about how I’d been feeling, I was having the same abdominal pains I’d had earlier in the week:  dull, intermittent pain under my ribcage on my right side.

He said, “It’s good that you are here.  Let me go get the doctor.”

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Yesterday marked 9 months post-op for me.  I began the day by stepping on the scale to mark my weight since I collect data on the 8th of every month.

I stepped on the scale, off and on, like I always do, because I don’t believe the number I see every week.

When I finally stepped on for the final time, the scale settled at a number I’d hoped to see by the time this month rolled around.

As of yesterday, I officially weigh

200 pounds less

than my heaviest recorded weight.

I did not ever think I would see this day.  But it is here.  And it is glorious.

I have a 9-month follow up appointment tomorrow.  I plan to mark the occasion as I’ve marked all my other surgeon’s appointments:  by wearing a black and white dress.  I’ll be wearing the dress I bought 2 years ago that I’d intended as a “goal dress” during my last bout of weight loss.

Now, I’ve reached that goal (exceeded it, actually) and will be wearing it for my appointment.

Then I’ll take it to the tailor over the weekend and have it taken in, along with a bunch of my other professional clothes which are a wee bit large for me now.

It’s a good week to be me.

Post-Op Week 39 Progress Report


This week’s progress was good.  Unexpectedly so, even.

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Image Distortion

Right now I look like this:


So why do I still think that I look like this:

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Dining Out: Perspective


It occurred to me on Friday night when I was eating dinner (out, as we always do) that when I post pictures of what I am eating that day that I’m posting the picture of the full plate that comes to my table.  It makes it look as though I’ve probably eaten all the food that’s on the plate when that is certainly not the case.

Above is a before and after photo to give you an idea of what eating out looks like for me.  In the before photo is a mahi mahi filet with crawfish etouffee sauce on a bed of red beans and rice.  The bottom photo is what was left when I was done eating half the filet with all the sauce, and about a scant quarter cup of the beans and rice (I doubt it was even that much).  The filet was a 7 ounce filet to start with, and when it came to the table, I cut it in half with my fork knowing that I’d take the uneaten portion home along with the uneaten rice and beans.  I ate part of the rice and beans Saturday before my 5K to give me some extra fuel to do the walk with.

The portion of fish and rice/beans I ate was satisfying, and I wasn’t overstuffed.  I try really hard to make sure I don’t stuff myself because it doesn’t feel very good when it happens!  The key to this is to divide the plate, ask for a box (or have half your plate boxed for you before they bring it to the table), putting your fork down between bites, and make sure you’re not STARVING when you sit down to eat.  Engage in conversation while you eat to keep your mouth otherwise occupied.  Take time to enjoy your meal and the company you’re with, and you’ll find that maybe, just maybe, you’ll eat a little less than you otherwise might.

Just wanted to show you what a meal out looks like for me when I’m not splitting the plate with hubby.

Post-Op Week 38 Progress Report


This week saw a slight uptick in the scale, but I’m not worried about it.  I ate a bit more salt yesterday than I normally do, and I also increased my carb intake this week to prep for yesterday’s race.  I’m pretty sure that the glycogen I stored is binding some of the water I’m holding on to.  Also, as one of my MFP friends pointed out, it’s possible that the workout I did yesterday caused my muscles to be holding on to some fluid as well.  Regardless of what it was that caused the slight gain, this week I’m cutting back to my usual 50 grams or less of carbs, and keeping my protein intake high as usual.
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